Lake Michigan charter fishing trip from Kenosha WI.

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Great mixed catches of coho, chinook, and steelhead!!!!




The weather is beautiful and the Fish Hunter is ready to go! Great fishing is here! Book your trip today!!

Capt Steve, U S Army veteran himself, would like to thank our service members for their dedication to our freedom. All members of the military, police, and fire services, current and former, recieve an additional hour on our Great Lake.   

Kenosha is ranked the best charter fishing port in Wisconsin. If you have one day to spend on the big lake, this is the place to be. With Hunters Charters, you will be part of the crew, not just a passenger. You'll set rods, net fish and get involved. This is your lake michigan charter fishing trip. We want it to be fun and memorable for all. 

Fish Hunter Charters means chinook salmon. These big, powerful fish are the bread and butter of a Lake Michigan charter fishing trip on the FISH HUNTER. Start booking your trip today give Hunter a call at 262-914-9100. A great Lake Michigan charter fishing boat. Nice fish!

No rate increases in 2016.

Half-day 5 hour trips start at just $440.00

That's just $73 per person

(based on 6 people)

Additional note: We have not raised prices for the 2016 season. However, due to the increasing fuel costs, your trip may be subject to a fuel surcharge. This cost may vary depending on actual fuel costs and the distances traveled to afford you the best possible adventure. We hope you understand.


Call now to book your 2016 Lake Michigan charter fishing trip.

Another successful trip, caught 5/29/15.

Book an overnight fishing trip. 2 half day 5 hour wisconsin charter fishing trips plus hotel rooms for as little as $180 per person. The Perfect plan for the die hard Wisconsin Charter Fishing angler.

Jim & the guys 6/17/15 (6 hour morning trip)

The Fish Hunter, your next Wisconsin Charter Fishing Boat! Kenosha is the place to be for your next Lake Michigan charter fishing trip. The Fish Hunter is fast and dry, rigged with modern electronics and equipment. She is perfect for charter fishing the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan.

Jedi Lake Michigan fishing charters trips in Kenosha County Wisconsin for salmon and trout on Lake MichiganCaptain Hunter is a U.S.C.G Licensed Captain. He has been fishing the Wisconsin waters of Lake Michigan for 45+ years for salmon and trout. Originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin, Captain Hunter chose Kenosha for his charter fishing because of its excellent fishing for trout and salmon. Come and experience a Lake Michigan charter fishing trip, Fish Hunter style. Lake Michigan charter fishing at its best. Kenosha, Wisconsin is a short drive from Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Our home port of Kenosha on a beautiful summer morning. This is the place for your next Lake Michigan charter fishing trip. Huge chinook salmon like this one are part of our daily charter fishing catches. Start planning your 2016 Lake Michigan charter fishing trip.


Captain Hunter wants you to feel as if you are part of the fishing crew during your charter fishing trip. You will get involved with the fishing. You will set rods, net fish, and learn about lake michigan charter fishing. You will learn about all aspects of fishing for salmon and trout in Wisconsin. This is your Lake Michigan charter fishing trip, you should be part of it all.

We offer "Fisherman-Friendly" rates and packages for all levels of fishing experience. The Fish Hunter is comfortable and well equipped for your safety during your Wisconsin Charter fishing trip. Captain Hunter is determined to make your fishing trip a great experience. We are easy to reach from any state. Whether you arrive by car, van, motor home, or plane, Kenosha is easy to get to. Excellent restaurants and overnight accomodations are walking distance from the harbor and the fishing. The port of Kenosha Wisconsin has the highest CATCH-PER-HOUR Rate in Wisconsin on Lake Michigan!! If you have one day to be somewhere, then this is the place for your next Lake Michigan charter fishing trip.

What you can expect on a Lake Michigan Charter fishing trip aboard the Fish Hunter

Fun- This is your Lake Michigan Charter fishing trip. The Captain will insure a great time for everyone, regardless of your experience level. No yelling or shouting when a fish is lost. Captain Hunter has personally lost more fish than he can remember, so he is an expert at it.

Safety- Safety comes first. The Fish Hunter is equipped with all the required safety equipment. Weather is always taken into account when making decisions, even when the fishing is great. Lake Michigan Charter Fishing should always be a safe experience.

Experience- Captain Hunter has been fishing the waters of Lake Michigan in Wisconsin for 45 years. This experience combined with cooperation from an extensive network of captains helps up the odds of catching more and bigger fish on your next Lake Michigan Charter fishing trip.

Other Perks- Private parking close to the boat, picnic area, private bath, free fish cleaning and bagging after each trip, and a friendly outgoing Captain that always has a new story to tell.

 Lance and his buddy on an early season Lake Michigan charter fishing trip.

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